At Optimal Wellness we strive to meet the needs of all our clients. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or just someone who needs pain relief, we guarantee to provide you with the results you need.

Our therapists put in the extra effort to deliver results and guarantee when you leave our office, you will feel better than when you walked in.


I Came here after about 4+ years without any body work. I'm a relatively active cyclist (10ish hours per week training) and Jake's knowledge of endurance athletes needs was apparent. I had a massage given at the beginning of my rest week and once I returned to some intensity on the bike I could feel the power in my legs ready to be unleashed. I also got some pro bono tips about what to do about my incredible lack of flexibility. Will most certainly be making this a semi-regular part of my recovery.

- Parker Lindley

Jake Corley is one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to. I was a massage therapist for many years and have had hundreds of massages, so I am very discerning when it comes to bodywork. Jake knows the human body so well, from the muscle groups to body mechanics to subtle pressure points. He's friendly and knowledgeable and his confidence puts you at ease. You know you'll be safe in his hands, which is very important considering the vulnerable nature of receiving a massage! He uses just the right amount of pressure, makes sure to ask you about your comfort level throughout the massage, knows when to talk and when not to. The massage cream that he uses smells amazing, his music is relaxing, and the table is warm and comfy. I am so glad that I finally found Jake. He's the best!!

- Molly Rikkers

Jake is simply an exceptional massage therapist. I've been seeing him for 18 months, he fixes things when they break and prevents the vast majority from breaking in the first place. Jake is constantly seeking out new methods and striving to deepen his education in therapeutic massage. You won't find a better massage therapist in Colorado, highly recommend.

-Steve Hatziz

My 1 hour mobility session with Traci was amazing and super informative! Traci is an extremely personable and a wealth of knowledge in terms of exercises, movements, technique, and human anatomy. I recommend Optimal Wellness to everyone I know because of the diverse services offered and the effectiveness of their treatments. Get ready to get out of your comfort zone in a class like this because it will be a bit of a challenge but it will definitely be worth it!

- Lorenzo Mier y Teran

Getting massages and doing mobility training with Traci has truly upgraded my health and quality of life. She has given me the tools to bring more awareness to my body, helping me recover from old injuries (drastically reducing my headache and shoulder pain) and giving me the knowledge to prevent further injury and to live a pain free life. Also, when I do have extra muscle tension or headaches creep in, I book her for massage and she quickly resolves the issue. Do yourself a favor and go see her! She's amazing!

-Elizabeth Huard

31 weeks pregnant and I FINALLY slept great and didn’t wake up with lower back or hip pain! I have always dealt with lower back pain and hip pain but add pregnancy on top and it is intensified 10x. I have been to the chiropractor, who is amazing and helped me tremendously, but the amount of visits, money and time just didn’t fit with my crazy schedule as well as the pain came back within a few days! After talking with Brittany over and over I decided to take her up on a special massage offer she was running. Why did I wait so long to go??? She is thorough, educated, very gentle, soft spoken and has an amazing, calming energy that eased me. She knew exactly where my pain was coming from. Baby girl was in an awkward position up against my hip bone which caused even more pain and threw my center of gravity off. When the massage was over and I stood up, baby girl was not up against my hip and was all centered. Talk about an amazing feeling. I walk better, less pain as I was having and just an overall sense of ease!!! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for a massage, mommas you will NOT regret it. I am looking forward to my next one in three weeks!!!!!"

"The best prenatal massage I’ve ever had. Brittany knew exactly what she was doing and helped me relax so much. She also showed me a comfortable sleeping position and stretches to help get the baby in position. Wish I’d learned about her sooner in my pregnancy. Highly recommend her!"