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Massage Therapy for Tendonitis

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Do you have chronic tendon pain that you cant seem to solve? Tendonitis can make it challenging to stay active and perform your sport painfree. We know how exhausting these chronic pain symptoms can be and were here to help you develop a plan to help get rid of your tendonitis for good!

Massage Therapy & Movement Therapy Can Help!

At Optimal Wellness, we understand that Tendonitis can be extremely painful and mentally exhausting especially as an athlete. Our team of massage specialists are highly trained in treating and preventing Tendonitis. We will help you build a plan to get you back to living a pain free life.

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For Tendonitis, we recommend scheduling our Optimal Movement Assessment & Optimal Pain Management Massage.

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Causes of Tendonitis/ Tendinosis

Tendonitis and tendonosis are both dysfunctions of tendons, Tendons along with fascia are the 2 crucial structures in our bodies that connect our muscles to our bones. Tendons must be as strong as the muscles to withstand our strongest muscle contractions, as well as being flexible enough to allow the endless amounts of movements and stress we put our bodies through every day. The best way to keep tendons healthy and elastic is with a balanced amount of good circulation, nutrition, hydration, exercise and rest.

A healthy tendon sometimes can tear in extreme situations where there is a sudden force or trauma to an area. Anyone can suffer from injuries like this but is more common in athletes. When there is trauma to an area a tear can cause inflammation and pain, known as tendonitis, and scar tissue forms as the healing process continues.

On the other end of the spectrum tendinosis is the result of a much more common scenario found today in our society when repetitive strain and chronic overuse cause excessive breakdown within the tendon on a molecular level. This disorganization of the tendon tends to occur without inflammation. This is a problem because without inflammation to the area the healing process is significantly longer than when there is inflammation.

Massage & Movement Therapy can help prevent or eliminate Tendonitis by

  • Strengthening ligaments around the joint
  • Increase flexibility & control in the affected area
  • Restore healthy tissue quality in both muscle and fascia

Why Choose Optimal Wellness?

Our specialists have had a lot of success with treating Tendonitis. We will take the time to assess your movement patterns and help you determine the reason you have developed Tendonitis. We will also explain WHY your pain has not gotten better and will provide you with a home exercise routine that is specific to your condition and activity level.