Optimal Stretch Session

Unleash Your Inner Flexibility

Introducing Optimal Stretch Sessions

Tired of feeling tight and inflexible? Our Optimal Stretch sessions offer a non-invasive, fully clothed solution to improve your mobility, reduce pain, and boost your performance.

What is Optimal Stretch?

This innovative service utilizes a series of assisted stretches performed by a certified stretch specialist on a comfortable massage table.

Benefits of Optimal Stretch

Enhanced Mobility & Flexibility

Improve your range of motion and feel looser throughout your body.

Reduced Pain & Tension

Alleviate discomfort caused by tightness, overuse, or injuries.

Improved Performance

Enhance your athletic abilities and prevent future injuries.

Stress Relief & Relaxation

Promote feelings of well-being and reduce tension.

Perfect for Everyone

Ideal for athletes, individuals recovering from injuries, or anyone seeking improved flexibility and pain relief.

Choose Your Optimal Stretch Experience

New Client Stretch Session

(Includes 15 mins Pre Stretch Assessment + 45 min Optimal Stretch Session)
Identify areas needing the most attention for a personalized session.


Ideal for targeted stretches and quick relief.


A comprehensive experience for full-body mobility improvement.

Who is Optimal Stretch for?

Located in Boulder, CO, Optimal Wellness offers a welcoming and professional environment to experience the transformative power of Optimal Stretch.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Book your Optimal Stretch session today and feel the difference!