Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

A large number of people easily equate massage therapy in a quiet room with a candlelit background to a luxury they cannot afford. Consequently, they brush that idea off their minds, not realizing how important such massages are to their health. 

Visiting the spa can indeed be a special treat, but the massages offered have a huge boost on one’s health and wellness. Massage therapy alleviates all sorts of ailments from pain to stress, so much so, that clinics and hospitals have included massages in their treatments of patients.

Let’s Explore More About Massage Therapy And Its Benefits.

To massage means to press, rub, and manipulate the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It may just be light stroking to deep pressure. During a massage, a massage therapist applies gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to ease pain and tension.

There are four common types which are; the Swedish, deep, sports and trigger point massage. The Swedish uses long strokes, kneading, deep, circular movements, vibration, and tapping to help relax and energize the individual. At the same time, Deep massage uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The sport massage is for athletes to help prevent or treat injuries.

Here Are Some Benefits. 

Massage therapy plays an important role in pain management. Commonly, it treats a variety of health conditions. It also provides a positive result for people with chronic pain. About 35% of people who receive massages experience less pain associated with stiffness, soreness, injuries, and chronic health conditions. Massages reduce fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain, joint rigidity, intense fatigue, headache, and muscle spasms. A study found that massage therapy helps people with fibromyalgia to feel more relax and assist with tender point pain.

Also, research carried out by the Canadian Medical Association found that massage was the most effective treatment for reducing back pain.

Besides, it helps ease arthritis pain. Massage increases blood flow to the joints and boosts circulation throughout the body. As a result, it increases mobility and flexibility.

Furthermore, it helps with insomnia (inability to sleep). Massage increases serotonin levels. This naturally allows individuals to experience a good night’s sleep. In addition, it relieves postural stress, structural abnormalities, and localized pain. As a result, a person can maintain a comfortable sleeping position.

Lastly, it reduces anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Massage therapy helps decrease stress, wipe out depression, and improve fatigue. Studies show that the presence of depression is often triggered by active and chronic pain. Depression alone leads to muscle tension and pain, which can be very painful to live with daily.

Fortunately, day by day, large numbers of people are realizing the need to undergo massages and therapies.

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