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Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain

If You Have Chronic Low Back Pain
We can help!

Low Back Pain Treatment | Optimal Movement Studio

Do you have back pain that just won’t go away? These painful symptoms can make it challenging to get through the day & do the things you love. We know how exhausting chronic pain can be and were here to help you develop a plan to help treat your issues.

Massage Therapy & Movement Therapy Can Help!

At Optimal Wellness, we understand that daily back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and mentally exhausting. Our team of massage specialists are highly trained in treating chronic low back pain. We will help you build a plan to get you back to 100%.

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For Low Back Pain, we recommend scheduling our Optimal Movement Assessment & Optimal Pain Management Massage.

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Causes of Low Back Pain

Pain felt in the lower region of the back is usually caused by muscle imbalances in the lumbar region. The imbalanced muscles are either too long or too short which in turn pull and compress other structures in the area which ultimately leads to pain. One of the most common causes of these muscle imbalances is poor posture and improper ergonomics or movement patterns.

Massage & Movement Therapy can help reduce or eliminate low back pain by

  • Restoring balance in the muscles in the lumbar region
  • Increase flexibility & control in the hips and spine
  • Restore healthy tissue quality in both muscle and fascia

Why Choose Optimal Wellness?

Our specialists have had a lot of success with treating low back pain. We will take the time to assess your movement patterns and help you determine the root cause of your pain. We will also explain WHY your pain has not gotten better and will provide a home care routine to help get you feeling better.