Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing

Types of Insurance Accepted at Optimal Wellness

At Optimal Wellness, we currently accept 3 types of insurance as payment for sessions. We currently accept Medpay for car accident cases, HSA and FSA. We highly recommend getting a doctors note before scheduling your session if you plan to pay with insurance. Not sure if you qualify for insurance as payment? Feel free to reach out by phone or email to speak with our front desk to see if you qualify.

Auto Insurance

Optimal Wellness Insurance Billing | Wellness Insurance Policy Details

Were you recently injured in an auto accident? Your massage therapy treatments may be covered by your Med Pay Insurance.

Our therapists are certified in Pain Management Massage Therapy to help you recover from the injuries you sustained during your auto accident. We accept most types of Auto Insurance and may also be able to accept an Attorney Lien for your treatments associated with motor vehicle accident.

Our certified specialists are well equipped to treat many symptoms that come along with car accidents including whiplash, migraines, and low back pain. We will assist you in working with your auto insurance company throughout the process.

Health Saving Account (HSA)

Optimal Wellness Insurance

Some companies allow you to designare pre-tax money to be taken from your paycheck to help pay for qualified health related expenses. Therapeutic massage is often covered under these plans with a doctor’s prescription and can save you up to 40% on your taxes. Check with your plan administrator or representative for more details. We will provide you with a receipt for your services that will be used for verification of your services.