Frequently Asked Questions



Our services vary in price from $45 to $160. You can view our full list of services and pricing here.

We focus on massage, mobility and recovery. Our services include:
  • Standard Massages: Deep Tissue, Sport, Thai
  • Private Mobility Sessions
  • Kinesiology Tape
You can view our full list of services and pricing here.

Flexibility is the passive lengthening (or stretching) of your muscles, while mobility is the ability to actively move through a full range of motion. You can read more about the differences between the two on our blog.

Many of our clients are regular people who finally have time to invest in themselves and are coming to us because they have an acute injury, or are simply looking to help with general wear and tear. We also work with athletes who experience chronic pain due to training.

We treat many conditions, but some include:

For your first appointment we recommend you book one of our Optimal Movement Assessments. This is a 30 min appointment where one of our therapists will take you through a series of movements to help determine what your biggest limiting factors are. After the movement assessment, your therapist will take the information and help you develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

You can visit our booking page to make an appointment with any of our therapists.

  • To ensure we give you the best care possible, please print and fill out our client intake form in advance.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, like yoga pants or running shorts. Drink plenty of water for the 24 hours prior to the session to make sure your muscles are properly hydrated, which will make your experience much more enjoyable.
  • (Optional) Set goals or an intention before the session. We can best serve you by knowing exactly what you hope to achieve during our time together.

You can simply email us to cancel or change your appointment.

It’s important to take care of a new/acute injury as soon as possible so you don’t begin to compensate with dysfunctional movement patterns. We recommend getting a diagnosis from a medical professional first, but encourage you to come see us as soon as possible to speed up healing and prevent further injury.

Yes! We all of our services at in home sessions. There is an additional cost to cover the extra travel and set up time. You can find out more about our in home services here!

We recommend that you do your workout before your session, and that you wait about 24 hours before engaging in vigorous exercise like running or weight training.
  • Just like getting your car’s oil changed, it’s important to focus on your body’s needs. Yes, exercise is taking care of your body, but you also need to address the muscles, connective tissue and joints that keep you moving. Complete the circle: train hard, eat well, get sleep, and get bodywork to keep your body running well for as long as possible.
  • At least one bodywork session a month is ideal for the weekend warrior athlete looking for routine maintenance and to remain injury-free. If you have a chronic issue, once a week for at least 4 weeks will get you back on track.