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Why Everyone Should Get a Movement Assessment

Many people often overlook the fact that they need a proper movement assessment before they do any fitness or sports activities. This is ultimately the trainer’s fault because they are rushing their clients to get them to the gym and…

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mobility training

5 Ways Mobility Training Can Prevent Injuries

Mobility and flexibility are two terms that are tightly connected to each other and they refer to the movement range of your body as well as how far your muscles are able to stretch before it gets uncomfortable. Mobility is…

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thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage – 6 Amazing Benefits

Thai Yoga Massage – 6 Amazing Benefits   One of the best ways to unwind, distress, and unclench those tense muscles is by getting a massage. Anyone who got one before will tell you the same thing. Just imagine laying…

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optimal recovery

The Optimal Recovery Routine

The Optimal Recovery Routine   Stress and strenuous exercise break your body down; nutrition, sleep, and active recovery techniques build it back up. If you have moderate to high daily stress and perform two hard work­outs each week, we suggest…

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5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You Recover Faster

5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You Recover Faster   As an athlete, you are already aware that it’s very important to keep your entire body healthy so you can keep on training and performing at 100%. It’s also very…

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This is where low back pain usually shows up

3 Reasons to get More Massage Therapy

Research suggests Massage Therapy can be an effective treatment for low back pain. According to a 2009 study, low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in US adults. The condition results in hundreds of millions of…

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Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

A large number of people easily equate massage therapy in a quiet room with a candlelit background to a luxury they cannot afford. Consequently, they brush that idea off their minds, not realizing how important such massages are to their…

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Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

Our Commitment to Health and Safety  Optimal Function Wellness has been counting down the days until we could welcome clients back through our doors.  We are excited to announce that we are slowly beginning to reopen our studio for massage…

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Low back Pain Massage | Deep Tissue Massage

Massage for Low Back Pain

Massage Therapy may be the secret weapon when it comes to treating persistent low back pain. Low back pain is one of the top reasons people seek out medical advice in the U.S., and if you do not understand the…

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